ken ramsay

`Dare to Dream`

is the life - and work philosophy of Jamaican art photographer Ken Ramsay. Born in 1935 in Jamaica, in the 60`s studied photography at Harrow College, London, and German School of Photography in New York.
After his studies he worked for a short time with fashion photo grapher Peter Basch of New York and returned in 1969 to Jamaica.

In the 70`s he worked more and more in the classic `black and white` photographic mode and became popular with photographs like `The Head` internationally. In the 80`s Ken Ramsay worked in fashion photography, working closely with Jamaican model agency `Pulse`. After an outstanding work with Jamaican model `Iza`, Ken Ramsay made his dream come true, to publish his first book called `Dare to Dream`. The book was co - published in 1994 by Verlag Rombach of Freiburg, Germany. His second book `The Dream lives on`, published in 1997, included a range of black and white photographs of former Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley.