ken ramsay

`Dare to Dream`

In 1999 - 2000 Ramsay started to work on a series of black and white photographs featuring - Jamaica " Out of many one people"- showing his universal talent to feature and capture timeless images.

Ken Ramsay died in March 2008. He died as he lived: being a freelance photo-journalist for the Jamaica Observer and apart from that in the midst of planning his next photo exhibit venture while working in Port Antonio, Jamaica and Germany.

His guiding philosophy in work and life was best described by his brother, the celebrated barrister Ian Ramsay, who in the foreword of "Dare to Dream" wrote:

"Only a relatively small number of camera users are deliberately concerned with the portrait of photographs to be judged as Art. Thus states the authoritative Encyclopaedia Britannica. And if this is so, then of that small number my brother Ken is a dedicated one. To him the camera and photograph have never existed for commercial purposes but as his chosen aesthetic medium."

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